Seriously…Just Drive! Was co-developed by AIM Autosport, Chief Race Engineer, Ian Willis and Canadian and American Race Champion, Juliana Chiovitti.

Recognizing that Distracted Driving has become an increased problem in all driving markets across North America and Globally; both Ian and Juliana developed the Seriously…Just Drive! program to bring more awareness into schools, at public events and private corporate functions.

The Seriously…Just Drive! Special Events Team is made up of motorsport enthusiasts who are passionate about cars, Expert Community Figures from the OPP and OSAID.org (Ontario Students Against Impaired / Distracted Driving) and real-life Families who have been tragically affected by the dangers of Distracted Driving.

In 2014, as we set out to launch our Seriously…Just Drive! campaign, we ask all drivers either new or seasoned to stop texting, stop talking, stop emailing and pay attention to the one thing that will get you home safe…..the road.

Thank you to our Community Partners!

In, 2014 the Seriously…Just Drive! Special Events Team will organize and attend student, public and corporate events throughout the GTA.

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