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Distracted Driving is a Serious Problem!

Blog post by Juliana V. Chiovitti

I recently visited Las Vegas, Nevada on business.

Because everything on the Las Vegas “Strip” is so close, I decided to use a taxi for my limited driving travels.
Although, my decision to use a taxi was based on convenience, I quickly realized it wasn’t my safest choice.

Distracted Driving is now the #1 cause of road accidents in Canada.

And to our neighbors in the south, it’s quickly becoming the same problem.

As recently as 2009 CAA reported 84% of distracted driving related fatalities in the USA were related to carelessness or inattentiveness while driving.

I’m sharing with you a picture I captured of my taxi driver, using his mobile device while driving.

As the Program Manager of Seriously…Just Drive! and in my opinion Ontario’s most active school and street distracted driving awareness campaign; I immediately asked him to put down his cell phone.

Not only for my safety, but for the safety of other drivers around us.

Much to my delight, and probably due to his embarrassment, my driver complied.

I’m happy to share with you a US based government website which provides additional information for Distracted Driving laws in the US:

In Nevada, holding a handheld device is banned for ALL drivers; as well sending / receiving text messages.

My hope, is that through social media, old media and from connecting with each other; we can all respect and understand the law as it pertains to distracted driving in our States / Provinces and to one day make better choices when it comes to putting down our phones while driving.

Please find a moment in your day to re-post this blog; and to help spread the message of distracted driving and the dangers it causes on the roads, in our communities and to our loved ones.

Thank you,

Juliana V. Chiovitti


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