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Ontario Reintroduces Distracted Driving Legislation

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Courtesy of Kanetix.ca

Legislation is being reintroduced this afternoon that would make Ontario’s distracted driving penalties the toughest in the country. If the legislation passes, Ontario drivers convicted of distracted driving will face fines of up to $1,000 and three demerit points, according to an announcement made by Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca today.

There are three components to the distracted driving portion of today’s legislation announcement. If passed:

    • The fines for distracted driving convictions would increase from the current $60 to $500 range. Under the new legislation, fines will start at $300 and go as high as $1,000
    • Three demerit points would be applied upon conviction
    • A distracted driving prohibition would be added to the existing Novice Driver Licence Conditions