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The best performance summer tires of 2014

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Courtesy of Media Land, wheels.ca

Metroland Media Group for Wheels.ca

Shopping for summer performance tires can be daunting if you are unsure of what you want. There is a lot of choice with the top tire brands contributing to this complex genre. There are five classifications: grand touring, high performance, ultra high, max and extreme.

Grand touring summer tires have the hardest tire compound and place the greatest priority on ride comfort and balanced wet and dry grip. As you move up the classifications, max and extreme performance summer tires place a greater emphasis on dry grip and handling but ride comfort and tread longevity are reduced. Essentially, the rubber compound of extreme summer tires is softer (more “sticky”) than a grand touring tire. They handle better in dry but wear much quicker. Generally speaking, summer tires have a much shorter tread life than all-season tires because they have a softer tire compound. Summer tires should not be used in freezing temperatures or on snow and ice as they will offer no grip.